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Frequently asked Questions - Quick Answers available immediately


What is your turnaround time?

For Weddings, I give myself 6-8 weeks, but for simple photo sessions, I return your photos within 2 weeks unless I'm in my busy season!


Do you give raw, unedited photos out?

I do not! It is an industry standard. And for me, shooting is only half of the creation. Editing is essential for me to deliver the beautiful images we've created.. This policy is non-negotiable.


How many images will I get back?

Unlike many photographers, I do not limit the amount of photos I will send you! For casual sessions, I almost always return 100 or more. But for weddings, it depends on the length of the day and the itinerary you have planned.


Do you offer discounts for special circumstances?

I do not offer discounts. I have calculated my session prices to be the amount I need to cover business expenses as well as my living expenses.


How do travel expenses work?

Travel expenses are added on to the original price of your shoot. My travel fees include cost of flights, travel (uber/cab), and stay (airbnb/hotel).


Can I hire you for photo & video?

Unfortunately, no. I am a one man band. I give my heart and soul into each wedding. When you hire me, I want to be the person you're working with 100% of the time.


What do you charge?

I have an investment page that can give you more information! For wedding inquiries, I have a pricing template so we can find the perfect price for the day you have in mind! I factor in length of day, amount of sessions, and a few other things!



What if the weather is bad for our shoot?

I will always encourage embracing the weather and letting the weather work for us rather than against us! Sometimes the wind in your hair or blizzard can make the photos better than I could alone But if conditions get too harsh, I'm always willing to reschedule for no extra cost!


Can I add bridals/engagements if I decide that I want them later?

That will always be a yes! I think nothing adds more to your experience and photos then having an engagement and bridal session along with your wedding day. I won't be able to give you the package deal, but you can still get it for the add on price!


Can you photoshop us?

No. I don't do any retouching other than temporary blemishes (zitz, bruises, scrapes, etc). I want to document who you genuinely are! If you are self conscious about something particular, let me know and I will be mindfu

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