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The Experience

The flow you can expect when you hire me to document your moments
You're entering into a new world; photography & filmmaking. It feels like there's a million different directions you could go and maybe you're not even quite sure what you should be looking for and what you want to avoid.

The experience you have with your photographer/filmmaker will deeply affect the way you end up feel about your photos and video.

I do things differently; This page is for me to fully articulate the kind of experience we could have together. 

I want more than anything for you to find the photographer/filmmaker who is your dream hire; whether that is me or someone else. Let's start here. 


More Than A Vendor


It's likely this is your first time doing this- it's a lot all at once. I've been to endless weddings and I want to help you along the way! I'm here to answer all your questions whether they are photo/video related or not! I'm more than happy to share opinions, tips, and bounce off ideas with. I'm there for my clients like a friend. On your wedding day, what you want is what is most important to me. 


Honest to who you are

Building trust is so important for you to be your truest self, comfortable, and free of inhibitions by the time I pull the camera out; Which is why I take the time to get to know you. I don't document everybody the same. I won't pose every couple the same. I'm an observer, and I want to shoot you in your truest form. I want you to recognize yourself and your love in my images & frames- whether it's filled with big or soft energy, I give space for all personalities & energy. That being said, I will not photoshop or alter any part of you that isn't temporary (don't stress about those untimely zits).


A Deeper Point of View

As a filmmaker AND photographer I've gained insights that undeniably show through both my films and photographs and the way that I carry out each job. For me, I'm looking for quality over quantity. I put priority on the people, the relationships, the tear filled eyes, the tight hugs. I won't be telling you to slow down, or turn this way as you experience these moments. I'll be in the right places at the right time and you can experience your moments as you would if no one was there documenting it. 


Edits You Can Feel

For me, editing is what really separates a good filmmaker from a great one. I'm not in the business of including every tablecloth and dish in your video. I won't follow the linear timeline of your day. My purpose in editing is to evoke emotion, not to give you a play by play. I want your film to give you those same butterflies you felt in in those moments, & to share tender, missed moments I know you would have loved to see. I channel that energy through choosing intentional music. This is why I don't allow clients to choose their own songs for their films. If that is something that is important to you, maybe we aren't meant to be. I am totally up for visions & playlist ideas. I do include mics & voiceovers in every video because it makes it 900x more nostalgic and lovely.


Here For The Rule Breakers

I love nothing more than shooting for couples who know exactly what they want, whether that is eloping in the middle of the desert, a camping wedding weekend with only their closest family & friends, or a big, fancy party with all of their loved ones. This is your day! You're allowed to break the rules! And you're sure as hell allowed to follow them if they are true to you. But in the end, this day is about you and your partner. Make it what you want. I'm here to support you in creating the most genuine, "true to you" moments.


My Energy

I'm a big believer that energy affects moods which can change how everything feels. It is important for you to know how much I love and cherish my job. I feel the deepest gratitude to be trusted to witness, document and deliver these huge milestones in your lives. The way you feel during your session will be sealed into your photos and videos every single time you look at them. I know this and show up with gratitude and love. I'll go with the flow as well as doing all I can to give you the moments you're dying to revisit over and over again. 


Being In The Moment


I don't want posed and perfect. I want authentic, genuine, real-time moments. I want your session to be compiled experiences and memories rather than stiff, unnatural poses. All you need to do is be yourself, enjoy living out your favorite memories. All I need is enough time to capture them. Let yourself be in the moment and I'll take care of the rest <3


For All People & All Love

I'm a firm believer that love is love. I am so happy to document anyone who is drawn to my work- any age, background, sexual orientation, and ethnicity. I strive to be an inclusive & safe space for all LGBTQIA+ individuals and couples. You can count on me to thoughtfully & lovingly capture anyone without question or hesitation

"Working with Jade was a DREAM. Truly we would have chosen no one else to capture our day.


Jade ensured that my husband & I were caught in our most raw selves, no staging, just let us be us.


Now thanks to Jade, we have the most beautiful wedding video to cherish for years & years to come.


Hiring Jade to capture our wedding will always be one of best choices we’ve made in life, & we cannot wait to hire her to capture more of our milestones & memories life will have to offer."

Jazzy & Roberto

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Ready to say yes?
Let's begin. 

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